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8 menus to celebrate Chinese New Year

Author: Amber Lai Source: https://hongkongliving.com/ Link: https://hongkongliving.com/celebrate-chinese-new-year-menus/ Chinese New Year (CNY) is right around the corner. After the year we just had, we need all the luck and prosperity we can get. Follow Chinese...

10 places to eat vegetarian in Hong Kong

Author: Amber Lai Source: https://hongkongliving.com/ Link: https://hongkongliving.com/vegetarian-hong-kong/ Reduce your meat intake this year at these restaurants Are you trying to reduce your meat intake for the new year? Whether you’re actively trying or just...

Things to do in Hong Kong this January

Author: Ching Yuen Source: https://hongkongliving.com/ Link: https://hongkongliving.com/things-to-do-in-hong-kong-this-january/ Can you believe that it’s already 2021? Despite all odds, we were lucky enough to make it through last year so we are full of hope for this...

Where to get the best hot chocolate in Hong Kong

Author: Amber Lai Source: https://hongkongliving.com/ Link: https://hongkongliving.com/best-hot-chocolate-hong-kong/ Whilst hot chocolate might seem like a childhood treat you used to have growing up, there is nothing stopping you from indulging in one on a regular...