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Sensory Zero hot chocolate

Whilst hot chocolate might seem like a childhood treat you used to have growing up, there is nothing stopping you from indulging in one on a regular day. From bean to bar delicacies to marshmallow toppings—these beverages will warm you up and put a smile on your face.

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Hakawa Chocolate

Hakawa hot chocolate
Instagram @hkfoodtalk

Hakawa Chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate venues in Hong Kong. It hosts workshops, sells solid chocolate products and drinks perfect for any chocolate lover. Drinks can be made with ice, whole, soy or even almond milk for those who have dietary requirements or preferences. Check its Instagram page for seasonal and pop-up flavours like fresh ginger with grated nutmeg or a seven spices cocoa.

Hakawa Chocolate, Shop 1B, 49-51A, Gough Street, Central, 6163 3563

Sensory Zero

Sensory Zero hot chocolate
Instagram @maedw

Although Sensory Zero is a speciality coffee shop, it takes its hot chocolate very seriously. This chocolate drink isn’t for the light hearted. Think overflowing chocolate cream with dark, milk and white chocolate flakes spilling out of the cup. The skill used in steaming milk to make a perfect froth is the reason why this drink is so creamy.

Sensory Zero, multiple locations across Hong Kong

Passion by Gérard Dubois

Passion by Gérard Dubois
Instagram @passionbygd

There are three chocolate beverages available in this French-inspired café. For chocolate connoisseurs, try the chocolate chaud “passion”, its signature drink. Showcasing bitter dark chocolate in a thick and creamy drink that is topped with a raspberry. The fruitiness of the berry helps to cut through the richness of the chocolate flavour. For the palates that aren’t cut out for such rich drinks, there’s also a regular hot chocolate to keep you warm.

Passion by Gérard Duboi, multiple venues across Hong Kong

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Godiva hot chocolate powder
Instagram @godivaasia

It makes sense that one of the world’s leading chocolatiers makes an excellent cup of hot chocolate. Founded in 1926, the family-run business is now a go to for luxury confections and has ventured into making drinks. The rich yet mellow taste of cocoa can be made at home with its chocolate powders. However, if you prefer cold drinks, try its selection of shakes that range in chocolate deepness.

Godiva, multiple venues across Hong Kong

Cupping Room

cupping room hot chocolate hong kong
Openrice @au9

Cupping Room is a Hong Kong founded speciality coffee roastery that features a range of high-quality drinks and food. Its chocolate with marshmallows is a traditional take that will bring you back to your childhood. For the guests who want a caffeine and sugar rush, try the iced mocha that is topped with ice cream.

Cupping Room, multiple venues across Hong Kong

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The Peninsula

The Peninsula hot chocolate
Instagram @peninsulahongkong

At The Peninsula, The Lobby is famous for its afternoon tea sets and opulent interiors. Instead of opting for a freshly brewed tea, try its creamy hot chocolate that comes with marshmallows for you to top it off with. Also, the Swiss-inspired Chesa restaurant has various signature chocolate desserts for the diehard chocolate fans.

The Peninsula, Salisbury Road, 2920 2888

Page Common

Page common hot chocolate
Instagram @jessjann

Page Common is known for its pillowy soft tiramisu, so we expect nothing less from its silky smooth hot chocolate. The seasonal multi-layered hot chocolate is a rich drink topped with chocolate shavings that give it a decadent chocolate flavour.

Page Common, 148 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 3844 8899

Easy Joe

Easy Joe chocolate drink
Instagram @jcpigpigzhu

Easy Joe is the café to go to for a creative drink. Try its signature bottle chocolate beverage that is made with a thick chocolate sauce and 4.3 percent fat milk. You can either have it hot or cold depending on your mood. In addition to its signature, seasonal drinks include a Bailey’s hot chocolate and a matcha white chocolate milk.

Easy Joe, 18 Fuk Tsun Street, Tai Kok Tsui, 2506 0638