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hiking guide to twin peaks and violet hill hong kong

Feature image courtesy of @howard

Dubbed the Terrible Twins for its butt-kicking steps, this trek past Twin Peaks and Violet Hill is dubbed “very difficult” by the AFCD . It gives any stair-climber machine a run for its money.

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What you need to know

  • 5km
  • Distance
  • 2-3
  • Hours
  • 433
  • Height

The two to three hour hike is hard work but the rewards are worth it. You get incredible views of outlying islands, fairytale woodlands and the concrete jungle.

How to get there

Public transport: Buses 6 and 66 (from Exchange Square) both go up to Parkview (at Tai Tam Reservoir Road bus stop).
Taxi: Ask to go to Parkview at Tai Tam Reservoir Road bus stop, most taxi drivers are familiar with the starting point.

The starting point is signposted by a trail map and a set of stairs leading into the woods adjacent to Parkview. Follow them up to Twin Peaks and Violet Hill. The trail finishes on Stanley Gap Road at the Wilson Trail bus stop. Then you can catch a bus or taxi into Stanley.

The hike

The route starts at the first stage of the 78km Wilson Trail across Hong Kong. From Stanley Gap Road, between Repulse Bay and Stanley, enter Tai Tam Country Park. Then you can set off up the infamous “Thousand Steps”.

As you go up up, the landscape changes from pavement to a rocky dirt path engulfed by trees. The sun disappears behind the greenery, and the climb steepens before reaching the first peak.

Take regular breaks to take in the splendid view of Stanley’s colourful architecture. You might catch glimpses of sailboats scudding across the South China Sea too.

With the Thousand Steps conquered (if your legs have not turned to jello), hoof it down the first hill. Another rocky uphill path awaits.

Gruelling as it may seem, arriving at the second summit is a field day for your camera’s panorama feature. You can capture the lush green peaks, views of the Southside, and the Wong Nai Chung reservoir ahead. The hardest part is over.

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The descent

From here, descend to Tsin Shui Wan Au, a junction crowded with hikers taking a breather. Continue to Violet Hill, a 433-metre peak which feels like a cakewalk in comparison.

After winding around flowery meadows for about 1km, Hong Kong’s skyline and Parkview come into view. At this point, the sight couldn’t be more welcomed.

Once you see public bathrooms and the Wong Nai Chung reservoir, you can get your much-needed break and stretch. Whether you catch a bus from Wong Nai Chung Gap or continue hiking, give yourself a pat on the back. Finally, you conquered one of Hong Kong’s most notorious treks.

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