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How to hike from Pyramid Hill to The Hunch Backs

Pyramid Hill

If you’re up for a challenge, this hike over four peaks is no walk in the park and demands a good level of fitness and experience. Climb your way over Pyramid Hill, Ma On Shan, the Hunch Backs and Tiu Shau Ngam to mountainous terrain and spectacular views over Sai Kung and its outlying islands. Traversing along the narrow ridges of the mountaintops, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world!

Getting there

Pyramid Hill

Take minibus No.3 from Yi Chun Street, opposite Sai Kung Wet Market, to Po Le Che, alighting at the crossroads with Tan Cheung and Pak Kong Au roads. Walk up Pak Kong Au Road for approximately 550 metres, past the public toilets to a refuse collection point and an inconspicuous path marked “行山”, which translates to “hiking”. Alternatively, you can ride a taxi all the way to the start by telling the driver you want to head into Tai Shui Tseng.

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Start on Ma On Shan Country Trail

Pyramid Hill

Follow the path up a flight of concrete steps to the Ma On Shan Country Trail. Ignore the first dirt trail off the path and continue towards the marked path to Ngong Ping. After about 200 metres the steps are replaced by a rather challenging dirt trail with scattered uneven rocks. Eventually, it intersects with section four of the MacLehose Trail at a fork marked by an information board. Take the path on the right for the short walk to Ngong Ping.

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Pyramid Hill

A perfect spot for a picnic, Ngong Ping is a vast grassy plateau with incredible panoramas of Sai Kung and Port Shelter. To begin your ascend to Pyramid Hill, cross the plateau. Detour from the MacLehose Trail and take the path on the right, near the edge of Ngong Ping, and climb Pyramid Hill.

Take a moment at Pyramid Hill

Pyramid Hill

The summit of Pyramid Hill is a sea of Chinese silver grass during autumn and winter with a breathtaking view over Sai Kung and the Ngong Ping plateau. Your next challenge is to continue down Pyramid Hill, leaving the MacLehose Trail to reach up to saddle-shaped Ma On Shan. To the left, there’s a view over the wild mountains of Ma On Shan Country Park stretching into the distance; to the right, Three Fathoms Cover emerges from behind the mountain.

Arrive at Ma On Shan

Pyramid Hill

It’s a steep scramble to the summit, but you’ll be rewarded with an unobstructed 360-degree view of Tolo Harbour, Three Fathoms Cove and Port Shelter, and ahead of the saddle to the slightly lower peak of the Hunch Backs. This is a great time to take a break. At night, Ma On Shan’s streetlights offers a whole new perspective for experienced hikers equipped with head torches.

Getting back

Pyramid Hill

Follow the trail to a junction with two red warning signs: take the left fork, which joins the Ma On Shan Family Walk to the finishing point at Ma On Shan barbecue site. From there, it’s another hour’s walk to the MTR stations, or catch the village bus NR84 shuttle which runs to Ma On Shan MTR station.



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