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Instagram Pier, Dragon’s Back, The Peak, Quarry Bay’s Monster Building…the list goes on. These Instagrammable locations are the most talked about in the city, but where are the ones you haven’t discovered yet?

If you’re looking to step up your feed after you’ve hit all the well-known spots, then you’ll want to mark these locations down:

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Photo: Courtesy of @pat_kay

1. Tai Mo Shan

One of the highest peaks in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan is proven to be a fairly difficult hike. With an elevation of 957 metres, this mountain is one of the mistiest areas in Hong Kong (Tai Mo directly translates to “super foggy” in English). Once you’ve reached the top, your shots will look as though you’re literally amongst the clouds.

Tip: There are also over 1,500 species of plants recorded on Tai Mo Shan, so even if you don’t reach the top, you’re sure to find great scenery to shoot along the way.

Find out more at afcd.gov.hk

Photo: Courtesy of @muradosmann

2. Jumbo Kingdom

A renowned tourist attraction, the Jumbo Kingdom is no stranger to both local and international crowds. However, with a large number of modern spots emerging, the desire to visit this magnificent Hong Kong icon is often put on the back-burner for many. Established in October 1976, give your feed a little throwback with Jumbo Kingdom’s Chinese imperial palace-inspired architecture.

Tip: Make sure to visit its recently revamped Jumbo Floating Restaurant, a favourite amongst celebrities and Hong Kong society members.

Find out more at jumbokingdom.com

Photo: Courtesy of William Lau of WLCreative

3. Airport Road

South Perimeter Road in Chek Lap Kok, near the Airfield Ground Maintenance Building, is notably one of the best locations to catch flights jetting off towards the sunset (or sunrise for the early birds). A romantic spot and a favourite amongst photographers, capture the cotton candy-like ombre sky at its most stunning hour during twilight.

Tip: Be extra cautious if you plan to take your shot in the middle of the road, as cars are often known to speed around the curve.

South Perimeter Road, Chek Lap Kok, Lantau Island

Photo: Courtesy of @and929

4. Sharp Peak

Also known as Nam She Tsim, Sharp Peak’s hills are just as its name describes—sharp. Located within the Sai Kung East Country Park, the hike is reasonably difficult with its steep slopes. However, the view at the end and the photos that come with it make the trek worth it. With an overview of a snake-like trail, frame your shot so you can see the hills line up as far as the eye can see.

Tip: As the trail is not a smoothly paved track, make sure to go on a sunny and bright day for an easier climb.

Find out more at walkonhill.com

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Photo: Courtesy of @haixing0527

5. Lok Wah Estate

Purely for your feed’s aesthetic purposes, Lok Wah Estate proves that Hong Kong architecture is as artistic and creative as they come. A regular estate located in Kwun Tong, this spot creates the illusion of infinite loops.

Tip: Make sure to time your shot according to the sun’s position. When the light hits the bars at just the right angle, you’ll be able to play with the shadow for a more artsy shot.

Lok Wah Estate, 70 Chun Wah Rd, Ngau Tau Kok

Photo: Courtesy of @kkit810

6. Lau Shui Heung Reservoir

Located in the new territories, Lau Shui Heung Reservoir is one of many reservoirs in Hong Kong. With its serene surroundings and abundance of lush greenery, there are many opportunities in the area for a photoshoot. When the light hits the water, the reservoir creates a mirror-like reflection as seen above.

Tip: There are barbeque facilities nearby, which is perfect if you want to transition from your photoshoot to a family-friendly gathering.

Find out more at hiking.gov.hk

Photo: Courtesy of @lielaine

7. Cape d’Aguilar

A cape south of Shek O and d’Aguilar Peak, Cape d’Aguilar has all of the aesthetic props and structures you need for an amazing shot. From a lighthouse on top of a hill to a replica whale skeleton and a mock shrine, you’ll be able to fit a few good shots from just one trip to this locale.

Tip: With many caves and rock formations, make sure to visit this area on a sunny day and be extra cautious when exploring the area.

Find out more at canon.com.hk

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Photo: Courtesy of @6ws

8. Tung Ping Chau

This place will have you and your Instagram followers wondering if you’re still in Hong Kong. As one of the city’s farthest islands, Tung Ping Chau is a Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. With its natural geological rock formations and clear blue water, there are lots to do and see on the island, making it perfect for a day trip.

Tip: Because of its distant location from Hong Kong, the sunset and sunrise are exceptionally gorgeous as you look out towards the South China Sea.

Find out more at geopark.gov.hk

Photo: Courtesy of @waitsui

9. Man Cheung Po

Why fly to Singapore‘s Marina Bay Sands infinity pool when you can take a hike and find serenity in Hong Kong’s very own Man Cheung Po? Although the area is now “closed” for swimming (hikers may be fined for taking a dip), this shouldn’t stop you from framing an Insta-worthy shot.

Tip: The hike from Tai O has paved trails that decrease the path’s difficulty, but there are still a few boulders you will have to climb over so be sure to go on a dry day to avoid slipping on wet rocks.

Find out more at hkoutdooradventures.com

Photo: Courtesty of @f.o.v_

10. Kwai Fong Estate

Hong Kong may not have cherry blossoms, but these Pink Poui flowers are close enough. Near Kwai Fong Estate, although there are only two to three of the rosy trumpet trees, this spot is a favourite amongst flower photographers. With a life expectancy of 10 days, make sure to visit around Spring time to catch the flowers at its full blossom.

Tip: As this is near an estate, be sure to be respectful and not disrupt the local residential area.

Kwai Fong Estate, 177 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong

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