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Author: Katrina Lau
Source: https://hongkongliving.com/
Link: https://hongkongliving.com/rice-dumplings-dragon-boat-festival/

Otherwise known as Tuen Ng, Dragon Boat Festival is a mix of history, culture and food. While some like to celebrate by paddling under the scorching sun, others like to indulge in the steamy and decadent rice dumplings. If you are a foodie like us, it is never too early to get your hands on these festive delicacy. We’ve gathered the best ones in town to make sure you’re eating good!

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The Royal Garden

rice dumpling, The Royal Garden, hong kong

Celebrating Tuen Ng Festival, The Royal Garden is rolling out three new flavours, featuring conpoy, salted meat, red bean paste and dried mandarin peel. Don’t miss out their customers’ favourites, like the Okinawa black sugar, sweet potato puree and black glutinous rice dumpling. Orders can be placed online or by contacting Fine Foods Shop on 2733 2045, redemption vouchers are valid til June 22, starting at $125.


Sing Yin Cantonese Dining

rice dumpling, Sing Yin, W Hotel, Hong Kong

Sing Yin Cantonese Dining at W Hotel is offering mouthwatering dumplings that you can savour at home. Available until June 25, you can purchase these chewy glutinous goodness online. Sing Yin’s rice dumplings come in both savoury and sweet – abalone, conpoy with Japanese matsutake or red bean paste rice dumpling, it’s your call! To spice up the traditional delicacies, signature Sing Yin XO chilli sauce combos are also for purchase starting from $98.


Spring Moon

The Peninsula Hong Kong boasts the Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant, Spring Moon. Curated by Dim Sum Chef Kenny Cheuk, their Premium Glutinous Rice Dumplings feature 30-head dried abalone from the Middle East and other luxurious ingredients. Chef Cheuk’s special recipe includes pre-seasoning the glutinous rice with abalone sauce and simmering the dumplings in a rich broth for a full flavour. Starting price at $288, order now before it’s too late!


Hoi King Heen

Hoi King Heen at InternContinental Grand Stanford is taking this traditional delicacy up a notch. Created by award-winning chef Leung Fai Hung, abalone is the star beneath the bamboo leaf wraps. Using the finest ingredients, its glutinous rice dumpling with abalone is an envelope of flavours which features a whole abalone, first-class black mushroom, dried shrimp, Japanese conpoy and more. Starting at $98 and with other flavours available, get them online now.


Green Common

If you’re watching your diet, Green Common is offering a healthier alternative for you to enjoy this festive delicacy guilt-free. Switching out glutinous rice with pearl rice, its Omnipork rice dumpling with quinoa incorporates superfood quinoa and pork substitute for extra fibre and less fat. Starting at $89, save yourself a piece and purchase online now.