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It’s heating up fast. Chill out with these 25 frozen treats that will leave your taste buds tingling.

I scream for ice cream at Emack & Bolio’s.

1. Ice Cream Cone from Emack & Bolio’s
You’ll feel like a kid again every time you walk into this ice cream parlor: From crazy concoctions like “Space Cake” with shortbread cookies and red velvet cake to the cones dipped in marshmallows and stuck with fruit loops and sprinkles, this is one nostalgic treat that you’ll go back for time and again.
$63, 26 Cochrane St., Central, 2505-6626.

2. Soft Serve from Eyescream and Churros
What do you do when you’re craving a cool­-down and a delicious Mexican churro? Cater to both of these needs at once at this dessert shop that serves the sugary fried dough sticks on top of soft-serve ice cream.
$38, Shop B1, G/F, Tak Man Building, 29 Tak Man St., Hung Hom.

3. The Vanishing Christmas Tree from Honey Crème
Dream of snowier times to distract yourself from the sweltering heat as you watch Honey Crème adorn and serve you their “Vanishing Christmas Tree.” It goes like this: Soft serve plus chocolate and cocoa powder, topped with a wintery fluff of candy floss and mint green syrup.
$54, 34 Lee Garden Rd., Causeway Bay, 3525-1264.

Nice Pops’ fruity summer flavors.

4. Nice Pops
Ice is nice in the summer. Not only will Nice Pops get you through the Hong Kong heat wave, but their delicious flavors also come with a boozy kick. Stock up on a box and stick them in your freezer for the next time you need to cool down, but don’t quite feel like leaving the house. Or at least not sober, that is.
Various locations, nicepops.hk

5. “Improvisation” from Atum Desserant
Want to be blown away by your dessert instead of just faintly amused by it? Snag a spot at Atum Desserant and order their famous “Improvisation” set for two, in which the pastry chef improvises your dish from a wide range of molecular colors, dusts and flavors for a final dessert that’s (almost) too pretty to eat.
$328, 16/F, The L. Square, 459-­461 Lockhart Rd., Causeway Bay, 2956-1411.

Matcha made in heaven at Little Bao.

6. Ice Cream Sandwich from Little Bao
Your sandwich needs in Hong Kong change drastically once summer hits and that’s okay because Little Bao has got you covered. Green tea ice cream and condensed milk sandwiched between a deep-­fried bao is the only burger we need.
$48, G/F, 66 Staunton St., Central, 2194-0202.

7. Deluxe Melon Parfait from I Cremeria
Been looking for the real matcha deal? Find it just in time for summer at I Cremeria, which combines Japanese soft-serve, matcha and a fruit parfait for an all-in-one dessert. Give it a go with their Deluxe Melon Parfait: matcha and vanilla Hokkaido milk ice cream served in the hollowed-out half of a Japanese melon.
$45, G/F, 67 Wellington St., Central, 2897-1118.

Fresh juices sing of summer at Catch Juicery.

8. Forever Young Smoothie from Catch Juicery
For all you “clean eating” Hong Kong­ers looking for a refresher, Catch Juicery is getting a lot of hurrah for their delicious raw juices and smoothies. Treat yourself to the Forever Young Smoothie with all-natural coconut water, strawberry, pineapple, goji berry and coconut oil.
$80, 67 Wellington St., Central, 2567-3677.

9. Hazelnut Fudge Ice Cream from Happy Cow
Who says dairy-­free/vegan peeps are doomed in the heat? Happy Cow Ice Cream is a dairy-­free favorite—maybe because their handcrafted hazelnut fudge might even be better than the real deal.
$35, 1/F, Kar Yau Building, 36­44 Queen’s Rd. East, Wan Chai, more locations at happycowhk.com

An old-school diner classic at Burger Circus.

10. Spiked Milkshake from Burger Circus
Need a summer day’s break? Order up a spiked milkshake at Burger Circus. Pick your ice cream flavor and this cold and creamy concoction will make you wonder why you ever wanted to get your alcohol fix the basic way.
$68, 22 Hollywood Rd., Central, burgercircus.com.hk

11. Caramel Banana Waffle from Café Charm’s
Crispy waffle, scoop of ice cream, cool whipped cream and sprinkles—a classic Belgian waffle never gets old. Café Charm’s might just be the breakfast spot of the summer, thanks to its take on the waffle.
$60, 7/F, Dragon Centre, 37 Yen Chow St., Sham Shui Po, 3480-5383.

Hanbing Korean Dessert serves up a kooky cookie treat.

12. Oreo Snowflake Ice from Hanbing Korean Dessert
This dessert shop has a few snow-­themed desserts up their sleeves to keep you in the chilled mentality. Their Oreo Snowflake Ice is exactly what it sounds like: Korean shaved ice with a cookies ‘n’ cream touch thanks to the perfect ratio of Oreo cookie shavings, sweet cream ice cream, and vanilla shaved ice.
$85, Shop 4201K­-4202K, 4/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 3791-2547.

13. Brick Toast from Teawood
Strawberries dot the plate, but they can’t distract you from your true goal: finishing Teawood’s monster Chocolate Strawberry Brick toast—a stack of fluffy and crispy toast cubes topped with rocky road ice cream and chocolate sauce.
$72, 10/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Rd., Mong Kok, 2780-2321.

Swoon over Munchies’ ice cream-donut combos.

14. Donut Ice Cream Sandwich from Munchies
Build your own decadent ice cream sandwich with Munchies’ array of fluffy doughnuts and ice cream flavors. Our favorite combo: classic vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two sugary-sweet lemon strawberry donuts—it’s a calorie bomb that’s worth every bite.
$70, 4 Shin Hing St., Sheung Wan, munchies.hk

15. Black Sesame Cream Parfait from Via Tokyo
The soft twists of this luscious black sesame soft-serve are enough to draw us in—and luckily, the flavors deliver. Via Tokyo has been a crowd favorite since landing in Hong Kong, with each soft serve flavor garnished with biscuits, mochi and other sweet nibbles.
$62, Shop 1A­1B, G/F, Leishun Court, 106­-126 Leighton Rd., Causeway Bay, 2895-1116.

Hong Kong egg waffles get a western twist at Oddies Foodies.

16. Nightworld from Oddies Foodies
The “Nightwolf” combines classic gelato with traditional Hong Kong egg puffs and a twist of sharp passion fruit—and thankfully, it’s just as delicious as it is #foodstagram-worthy.
$52, Shop 1F, GF, 149 Wan Chai Rd., Wan Chai, 9551-7972.

17. Flamed Bacon Soft Serve from Soft Creme
Soft Creme’s Flamed Bacon soft serve combines two of life’s most simple pleasures: ice cream and bacon. The combo itself is a thing to behold, but when coupled with the eerie effect of fog rising from the dry ice under your cup of ice cream it becomes a thing of edible beauty.
$42, HMV Pearl City Mansion, 22 Paterson St., Causeway Bay, 2370-3205.

Jump on the coconut craze at Chachawan.

18. Frozen Bowser Colada from Chachawan
Coconut lovers rejoice! Chachawan’s new take on an old favorite combines the quintessential essence of a piña colada with their delicious homemade coconut ice cream, all inside of a real coconut shell.
$108, 206 Hollywood Rd., Sheung Wan, 2549-0020.

19. Sweet Potato Party from Small Potato Ice Creamery
Purple sweet potato is all the rage right now… so why not turn it into ice cream? This bright purple signature dish from Small Potato Ice Creamery is a delicious sight to behold.
$48, G/F, 28-­30 Haven St., Causeway Bay, 2618-9032.

I See I See highlights fresh fruit in their ice pops.

20. Strawberry Hokkaido Milk from I See I See
Roll up to I See I See and pick up a deliciously refreshing Strawberry Hokkaido Milk ice pop, a new flavor that’s already picking up a loyal following. It’s got fruit in it—so it has to be good for you, right?
$42, Shop 01, Haven Court, 138 Leighton Rd., Causeway Bay, 2337-3361.

An elegant rose ice cream from Ice Cream Gallery.

21. Organic Rose Chocolate Ice Cream from Ice Cream Gallery
Handmade everyday with top ingredients in small batches, it’s no wonder Ice Cream Gallery’s decadent Rose Chocolate ice cream is one of our favorite treats to beat the summer heat.
$50, Shop G­16, G/F, 311 Gloucester Rd., Causeway Bay, 2366-5116.

Go crazy for this adult PB&J sandwich from Elephant Grounds.

22. The Peanut Gallery from Elephant Grounds
A PB&J in the form of an ice cream sandwich is the crazy delicious dessert you’ll be handed if you order The Peanut Gallery at Elephant Grounds. Stave off hunger and heat as you scarf down this dreamy concoction from one of Hong Kong’s favorite coffee shops.
$68, Shop C, G/F, 42-­48 Paterson St., Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, 2562-8688.

XTC’s gelato-cheesecake innovaton is a worthy summer treat.

23. Gelato Cheesecake Stick from XTC
If you love ice cream and cheesecake, then XTC has the summertime treat for you. Rich and creamy, their newest creation is a simple and tasty way to keep cool on the go.
$39, Shop B, 45 Cochrane St., Central, 2541-0500.

Sinmei Tea brings back the brownie.

24. Matcha Sizzling Brownie from Sinmei Tea
Pour a warm matcha mousse onto rich vanilla ice cream perched atop a perfectly baked brownie and you’ve got yourself a recipe for delight. The Matcha Sizzling Brownie is a dish sure to leave you begging for more.
$78, 5/F CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok St., Sheung Wan, 3690-8238.

25. Gudetama Creme Brûlée McFlurry from McDonald’s
Hong Kong’s obsession with gudetama has no end in sight, as McD’s has just launched their gudetama series complete with gudetama coffee, gudetama cheese balls, and gudetama desserts. Cool down with the creme brûlée McFlurry topped with caramel and cookie crumbles, with an all-too-adorable image of a skiing gudetama on the McFlurry cup to keep you in a cool mood.
$9, various locations, mcdonalds.com.hk 

Authors: Danielle Harris and Jack McCormack
Source: http://hk-magazine.com/
Link: http://hk-magazine.com/article/restaurants/features/18295/hong-kongs-top-25-frozen-treats-cool-down-summer