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Author: Katrina Lau
Source: https://hongkongliving.com/
Link: https://hongkongliving.com/hikes-kowloon/
Tate's Cairn

With the ongoing travel restrictions, taking a trip to the countryside is as far as we can get right now and we’re probably hiking more than ever this year. Bored of the well-trodden trails of Dragon’s BackTai Long Wan and High Junk Peak? We’ve got you covered. Venture out to the other side of the harbour and explore the Kowloon Peninsula. Some of these hikes are lesser-known but the scenic views are just as breathtaking.

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Black Hill

Black Hill lies between Lam Tin and Tiu Keng Leng on the eastern side of Kowloon. The mountain is infamous for being a haunted hike since its Cantonese name means ‘five ghosts’. But don’t be deceived by the spooky tale, as the view above says otherwise. Black Hill ridges offer several major peaks with the highest reaching 304 metres above sea level, so trek along to view the eastern harbour from above.

Kowloon Peak

There’s a reason for the name – this is the highest summit in Kowloon. Also known as Suicide Cliff, this mountain in Choi Hung is a favourite among hiking buffs. Reaching up to 603 metres above sea level, the hike offers sliver grass fields and sweeping views of the Kowloon Peninsula from the observation deck.

Tate’s Cairn

Tate's Cairn
Source: Jason So via Flickr

Often known as the tunnel running through Kowloon and New Territories, this summit stretches across Wong Tai Sin and Sha Tin. The Tate’s Cairn ridge reaches 583 metres above sea level, and following along the gentle trail, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by luscious greens and grassy plains. Set off in the afternoon for a breezy hike and catch a sunset against the iconic Hong Kong Island backdrop.

Beacon Hill

Tucked right behind Kowloon Tong, Beacon Hill hike brings you panoramic views of the Kowloon Peninsula. Departing from Kowloon Tong MTR station, follow Lung Yan Road for a shaded and paved walk to the viewing point. For a uniquely Hong Kong evening scene, start your journey in the late afternoon and arrive just in time to catch the sun setting on the city’s sky-high buildings.

Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail

Situated next to Beacon Hill, Eagle’s Nest is an easy stroll made for the whole family or with your furry friends. Featuring wild flowers and lush greenery, be prepared to welcome a monkey or two on your journey. Beneath the canopy you’ll find a tranquil jungle accompanied by fresh air and a clear breeze. If you have some energy to spare, try the MacLehose Trail Section 5, which is just north of the loop.

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Lion Rock

Lion Rock, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Source: Wild Hong Kong

The name probably rings a bell, be it a Canton-pop song, craft beer or the spirit of resilience. As the most iconic mountain of all in Hong Kong, Lion Rock sits right in the centre of the city, towering the entire peninsula. As fierce as the lion, this 7.7-kilometre hike takes around four hours to complete, but the panorama of Kowloon at the Lion’s head is worth it.

Devil’s Peak

As scary as it may sound, Devil’s Peak is in fact a family-friendly trail with some of the best views you’ll find in Hong Kong. The summit received its name as it was previously guarded by pirates and then the British Army. Along the way, you’ll see remnants of the old batteries named Gough and Pottinger. The bonus here is the breathtaking orange skies against the eastern coast with ICC in sight.

Unicorn Ridge

unicorn ridge
Source: @yukanta

Despite its cutesy English name, this mountain’s Cantonese name means ‘chicken breast hill’. Situated in Tsz Wan Shan, the hike is named for its chicken breast-like hilltop. The track brings together nature lovers and families alike who want to witness the vibrant blooming scene during flowering seasons.

Little Hawaii Trail

If you’re down for a mid-hike swim, Little Hawaii Trail would suit you well. Easily accessible from Tseung Kwan O, it’s hard to believe such spectacular views are just a ride away. Follow on a 15-minute walk and you’ll be greeted by the first stream of the Little Hawaii Falls. The spot is crowded with families and tourists on the weekends, so make sure to set off early.

Kam Shan Country Park

Picture of monkey at Monkey Hill in Hong Kong

Besides being famous for its cheeky residents, the Monkey Hill trail gives you access to the stunning views from Kowloon Reservoir. Kick off your hike at Golden Hill Road and look for the entrance to Kam Shan Country Park. From there, you’ll walk through some concrete slopes with monkeys greeting you on both sides of the road. Pass the spectacular reservoir, unwind in nature via the Kam Shan Tree Walk and explore the Hong Kong’s authentic species.