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Fed das up with costly advertising, lengthy background checks, bad tenants, rent chasing and time-consuming repairs but don’t want to sell your property? Let Tane Residence help you convert your property into a service apartment and increase your rental revenue by over 30%.

Tane Residence is a full-service apartment management company committed to taking all the hassle out of renting your property. Backed by years of industry experience, we are able to provide every service you may require. From advertising vacancies, placing tenants, to performing service calls and addressing maintenance issues, we give you peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction. We can even help you oversee the renovation of your property.

You can benefit from offering a serviced apartment in the following ways:
1. You receive a higher yield versus a standard rental contract and you save on the agency commission for arranging a tenant.
2. You do not need to worry about scheduling maintenance.
3. The risk of leasing your unit to irresponsible tenants is reduced as your unit is marketed to the right target market.
4. Your investment property is kept in great condition.

For more details on how you can earn more by having your properties managed by us, please contact us at with the email subject Property Management.




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