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Your guide to planning the ultimate junk trip in Hong Kong

Junk boat Hong Kong

If you’re planning the ultimate offshore party, we’ve got you covered. Junk tripping is one of the city’s most popular summer pastimes for sun, sea and shenanigans. There is a boat for everyone, from luxurious yachts with spa treatments to a good-old fashioned junk boat. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down our top boat and junk catering companies in this ultimate guide, so all you have to do is pick one.

Due to the current Covid situation, please double check that all locations and businesses are still in operation.

When to go

Hong Kong’s junk season usually starts in May and lasts until September, due to the sunshine and hot weather, but technically you can go anytime, even at night. Be sure to book a couple of months in advance as these junks tend to get snapped up fast – especially during the summer holidays. The summer season can be a little temperamental with typhoons and rainstorms so check the weather forecast a few days before.

Where to go

From bustling beaches with astoundingly blue waters to secluded islands at the far-flung edges of the territory, Hong Kong has no lack of destinations for junk trippers to drop their anchors. Most junks usually depart from Central, Causeway Bay, Aberdeen or Sai Kung piers. Let your junk company know where you want to anchor or leave it up to them to plan out your junk trip route. Your captain will likely have tips on where to go depending on the weather conditions and what you want your experience to be. If you’re looking for some ideas, below are a few popular anchor points across Hong Kong.

Millionaire’s Beach

Millionaires beach

Located in Sai Kung Country Park, Millionaire’s Beach is a well-known hot spot for many junk parties. With fresh water lagoons and hidden coves, it’s the perfect destination for snorkelling. This beach can get quite crowded during the summer months with loud music and junk swapping, great for those looking for a party.

Repulse Bay

This is the most popular beach in Hong Kong. Take a swim in the calm waters and admire the fabulous views, it’s easy to see why so many choose to dock in Repulse Bay for the day. Stop for lunch and cocktails at one of the many modern seafront restaurants.

South Bay

The boat ride from Aberdeen to South Bay is stable and enjoyable, so the kids won’t get seasick. The trip also offers fabulous views. The Southern coast of Hong Kong includes the more secluded, peaceful and accessible South Bay, located within walking distance of Repulse Bay and unreachable by public transport. South Bay Beach is family-friendly and the kids will be ready to jump into the water once they arrive at the destination. It’s a great place to catch the sunset and parents can also head ashore with kids on kayaks.

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Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan, Hong Kong
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Famous for being one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful untouched beaches, Tai Long Wan is tucked away in Sai Kung Country Park. The clear waters and white sands make this an ideal location to dock at for the day. The beach is only accessible by boat, keeping crowds to a minimum.

Po Toi Island

A long-time favourite location for junk lovers, Po Toi Island is located approximately 30 minutes from Stanley and makes a perfect location to take a dip in the sheltered main cove. The island is well-known for its rock carvings and granite headland.

Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island

With many secret and untouched beaches scattered around the island, this is a pleasant spot to drift. For those wanting to explore, Lamma is also well known for its seafood restaurants and quirky shops.

Cheung Chau

Located just under an hour away from the city, Cheung Chau is a popular retreat for windsurfers. Junk trippers can enjoy the islands serene views and peaceful atmosphere from the comfort of their boat. The island is also famous for its abundance of seafood restaurants along the port.

Junk boat packages

M Yachts

M yachts
Source: Supplied

Rooted in luxury, M Yachts provides a concierge teams and personalised itineraries for the perfect day at sea. The majestically stylish and sleek 20-metre long Peninsula Yacht has a Bose music sound system and five crew members on board. Committed to excellence and quality, watersports can be provided upon request for the ultimate experience.

How much: US$2,000 per hour
Extras: Honeymoon and birthday party packages available
Capacity: Up to 20 guests
Contact: 9668 2631 /

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Breakaway Company

Only lasting four hours, this junk is perfect if you’re planning a kid’s birthday party or a playdate with friends. Breakaway offers a range of packages include A Day At Sea and Mini Junk Trip, with child-friendly catering options; and for the adults, five bottles of wine or sparkling wine plus free-flow soft drinks.

How much: Cruises start from $12,450 for 15 people
Extras: Inflatable toys, life jackets and kayaks available on request
Capacity: Up to 22 guests
Contact: 6180 5059 / /

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Aqua Luna

Aqua Luna, Hong Kong
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Set sail across Victoria Harbour on one of Hong Kong’s few remaining red-sail Chinese junks, an iconic feature along the waterfront. With many package options including the Symphony of Lights Cruise, Stanley Day Cruise and a Dim Sum Day Cruise available, there is something for everyone. There are departure points at Central, Tsim Sha Tsui and Stanley.

How much: Cruises start from $160 per person
Extras: Dinner cruises available
Capacity: Up to 80 guests
Contact: 2116 8821 /

Hong Kong Yachting

Famous for its Western-style cruisers Jungle Jane and Tarzan, Hong Kong tachting offers large decks, 20-foot wide swimming platforms, inflatable slides and a free-flow bar. The boats include customisable luxury furniture onboard such as bean bags, king sunbeds and cocktail tables. Book the Raft Up Boat Party package to connect three of Hong Kong Yachting’s boats to fit up to 145 guests.

How much: Jungle Jane starts at $25,000 and Tarzan for $27,000 per day
Extras: Banana boating and wakeboarding available upon request
Capacity: Jungle Jane up to 45 guests, Tarzan up to 55 guests
Contact: 2526 0151 / /

Hong Kong Junks

Hong Kong Junks
Source: Supplied

Offering a true Hong Kong Junk experience in a good old-fashioned junk, Hong Kong Junks is a go to for any occasion. The junks hold up to 40 guests and travel to a range of destinations including Southside and New Territories. Best of all, the company is committed to being plastic-free, with reusable cutlery, plates and glasses on board.

How much: Starting from $850 a person with pickups from Aberdeen, Central or Tsim Sha Tsui
Capacity: 40 guests
Extras: Free-flow drinks, catering and DJ packages available upon request
Contact: 5944 3331 / /

Lazy Days

Cruise in style on one of the five sleek modern cruisers and a luxury junk, equipped with giant inflatable slides, island loungers and floating platforms. Little ones are also catered for with infant paddling pools and bumper mats on board. Lazy Days have recently partnered with Plastic Free HK to help clean up Hong Kong’s scenery.

How much: Boat-only hire starts at $15,000 per day
Extras: Spa treatments and massages available upon request
Capacity: 25–50 guests depending on the boat
Contact: 3488 1534 / /


SEA-E-O Boating - Junk boat Hong Kong

Sea-E-O offers an extensive array of junks and luxury cruisers for you to choose from, with its star yacht stretching over 70 feet. Its all-inclusive packages, which cover food and wine catering with a selection of Chinese, Western and fusion menus, are ideal for those who are looking for an effortless junk planning process. The charters will take you from famous Hong Kong beaches to seafood restaurants on the outlying islands, making this a truly unique Hong Kong experience.

How much: Junk hires start from $6,000
Capacity: 30–55 guests depending on the boat
Extras: Inflatable slide, trampoline, speedboat with banana boat and wakeboard
Contact: 5489 4061 / /

Hello Hong Kong

Leaning more into a luxurious chartering, Hello Hong Kong takes its guests around local waters with a sail. Its most famous sail is Daybreak, 56 feet long and fully equipped. The starting point of your three-hour private charter can either be at Aberdeen or Hebe Haven. You can visit points like Aberdeen Harbour, where Tanka people (or ‘boat people’) still live in old traditional junk boats, learn about the history of Stanley Fort and gaze at Hong Kong’s most expensive neighbourhood, Repulse Bay, from the sea.

How much: Starting from $10,200
Extras: Swim noodles, stereo and hammocks
Capacity: 1-16 people

Junk catering companies


Knead Hong Kong - Junk catering
Source: Knead

For a classic lunch menu, Knead offers freshly made sandwiches and salads with an emphasis on healthy eating. Add on yoghurt cups or an afternoon antipasto platter for an extra sumptuous feast. It offers delivery anywhere from Hong Kong and through the hours of 9 am to 8 pm., 2851 7778

La Rotisserie

Junk Catering La Rotisserie

The traditional French rotisseries are ready for your junk extravaganza with whole roasted chickens and a range of side dishes. Mix and match roast potatoes, quiche lorraine, truffle mashed potatoes, salads and desserts. Get two roast chickens for $348 and sides starting from $198, orders over $1,500 get free delivery.


Hong Kong’s neighbourhood cafe brings its classic dishes to the seas with two catering menus, voyage and cruiser starting from $198 per person. Enjoy four mains including grilled chicken, lasagna, grilled ribeye or roasted salmon with various side dishes for a filling and premium lunch.

Black Sheep Restaurants

Junk Catering Black Sheep

This summer Black Sheep Restaurants is bringing its restaurants to the seas with tailor-made packages from a selection of cuisines. Dip into mezze platters from Artemis & Apollo, enjou Vietnamese freshness from Chôm Chôm or celebrate Mexican style with Taqueria Super Macho.

Big Birdy

Ready for a hot chick summer? Big Birdy’s junk packages come in a variety of menus including a quarter or whole chicken, various sandwiches, corn on the cob and wings – all coated in the restaurant’s signature peri peri seasoning. Its various packages start from just $80 per person with additional trays of sides and wings available from $380 per tray., 2360 0968


If you fancy a healthier alternative on your day on the water, Nosh has created a junk platter that features a choice of two salads and three mains along with snacks for the morning and afternoon., 2388 1999

Monsieur Chatte, 2515 0478

Experts in French cuisine and wine Monsieur CHATTÉ will bring French flair to any party. Sets come with various salads, meat, cheese and fresh bread. Evening menus are also available and include canapes and petit fours.


Soak up some of that free-flow wine with Calimex’s burrito filled junk package which comes with three fillings, grilled chicken, barbacoa beef and vegetarian mixed beans. Larger menus include its quesadillas, chips with dips and salads. Accommodating to vegetarians and other dietary requests, its packages start at $98 per person., 6050 9332

What to bring

  • Sunscreen (if you’re going to just bring one thing, please make it this one)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Swimwear
  • Flipflops
  • Towels
  • Drinking water
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Waterproof camera
  • Spare hair ties

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