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The ultimate guide to ice cream in Hong Kong

Ice Cream Emack & Bolio's

With Hong Kong set to have a summer filled with heat waves, it’s best you know where to go for the best ice cream in town. From gelato to fruity sorbets or milky soft serves, the city has a wide range of options. So whether you want an extravagant cereal-coated cone or old school classic, get the scoop in our guide.

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Gelato Go

Ice Cream gelato-go
Instagram @hangry24seven

Gelato Go is an artisanal gelato company that imports its ingredients from Italy for the most authentic flavour and quality. Mix and match its various flavours in your chosen size cup or pair a scoop with fresh pastries. Using no artificial flavours or colours, try its salted caramel, purple dragonfruit, tiramisu or flavour of the day.

Gelato Go, 174 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2383 9118

XTC Gelato

Ice Cream XTC gelato
Instagram @x.jemini.x

XTC Gelato prides itself on turning local desserts and drinks into creative scoop flavours. Locally inspired gelatos include its Hong Kong milk tea, black sesame and green tea. Innovative gelato products include its cheesecake gelato stick, gelato cookie sandwich and a gelato shake.

XTC Gelato, multiple locations across Hong Kong

Gelat etc.

Ice Cream Gelat etc
Instagram @notafoodie5

This small artisan gelato shop hand makes its flavours daily for the highest quality possible. Popular flavours include its Sicilian pistachio and mango and passion fruit. Offering a range of coffees, try its dessert spin of an affogato or matchagato that pairs espresso or matcha with its vanilla ice cream.

Getat etc., 1 Sai Yuen Lane, Artisan House, Sai Ying Pun, 6681 4343

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Emack & Bolio’s

Ice Cream Emack & Bolio's
Instagram @ericsgeography

Calling themselves the rock stars of the ice cream world, Emack & Bolio’s is an United States-founded parlour with over 100 flavours. Not for the faint hearted, try its peanut butter oreo, bananas foster or beantown buzz ice cream. Fruity sorbets are a must for summer with its mango, lemon or raspberry scoops. Pair your chosen flavour with its iconic freshly toasted marshmallow or chocolate dipped and cereal coated cones.

Emack & Bolio’s, multiple locations across Hong Kong

Via Tokyo

Ice Cream Via Tokyo
Instagram @nomphilia

This dessert parlour specialises in Japanese desserts and soft serve creams. Try its limited edition black sesame soft cream that sources its hand-ground black sesame from Osaka. Other soft serve flavours include hojicha, matcha and original cremia. Choose to get your soft serve in a waffle cone, bowls or topped with various pound cakes, mochi and cookies.

Via Tokyo, 106 to 126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, 2895 1116 and Shop W-C-3-5, 1/F, Ferry Pier, Wan Chai, 4610 3188


Ice Cream Baekmidang
Instagram @pick__ygood

Famous for its silky soft serve, Baekmidang sources its milk from a certified organic livestock cattle farm. Cool down with its original cone or try creative specials like its red bean, fresh strawberry or jo-chung and ginger. If you want an extra kick in your step, add some caffeine with its ice cream latte, coffee milk shake or soft serve affogato.

Baekmidang, multiple locations across Hong Kong

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Igloo Dessert Bar

Ice Cream Igloo Dessert Bar
Instagram @foodaholicbunny

Situated on pier 7, Igloo Dessert Bar is the perfect place to get a cooling ice cream before or after an adventurous day out. Famous for a variety of creative edible cups, pick between its cookie bowl, charcoal cone or egg waffle base. Popular amongst locals for transforming beloved childhood sweet is its white rabbit gelato.

Igloo Dessert Bar, Shop C, Lower Deck, Pier 7 Star Ferry, Central, 2656 3318

Yo Mama

Ice Cream Yo Mama
Instagram @foodstalker_hk

For those who prefer something lighter, Yo Mama offers 98 percent fat free frozen yoghurt with active cultures that promote healthy gut movement. Choose your favourite tangy yoghurt flavour and personalise your cup with its wide range of toppings. Alongside the original, its range of rotating flavours include green tea, pink guava and salted caramel.

Yo Mama, multiple locations across Hong Kong


Ice Cream DAMA
Instagram @blogger_hei0622

Catering to vegans, DAMA has curated a range of healthy and refreshing soft serves. With daily changing flavours, its colourful cones use a variety of fruits and healthy ingredients. Choose to go single or mixed with flavours such as red dragon fruit, coconut mango, Kyoto matcha and durian. Cups can also be topped with fresh fruit, edible flowers or a shot of espresso.

DAMA, Shop 411, K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 9527 2033

Sai’s Cream

Ice Cream Sai's Cream
Instagram @thatsaiscream

Selling via Instagram, Sai’s cream is a local artisanal ice cream maker that releases a weekly set of flavours and makes to order. Classic flavours have included sea salt caramel, vanilla and maple walnut, showcasing his creative flair with flavours like cereal milk, honey lavender and toasted almond butter. Making deliveries to MTR stations, order premium ice cream and have it in the (air-conditioned) comfort of your home.

Sai’s Cream, available online


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