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The freshest juice in Hong Kong

Fresh Juices Le Jus

Whether you’re trying to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables or simply just love a juice, here are some of the best juice retailers in Hong Kong. From cold pressed, smoothies to even juice shots, there is a rainbow of options for you to try. If you’re looking for something more extreme, try one of the juice cleanses from these specialist companies.

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Fresh Juice Be-Juiced
Instagram @letsgetdishyy

Working with nutritionists, Be-juiced was inspired by the idea of natural body detoxification and restoration. There are a range of cleanses that increase in intensity or choose one of its 310ml bottles to try. Its range of colourful juices include some superfood ingredients like chia seed, acai berry and spirulina.

Be-juiced, 45 Peel Street, Central, 2668 6231

Genie Juicery

Fresh Juice Genie Juicery
Instagram @geniejuicery

Best friends, Melanie Barnish and Cara McIlroy, created Genie Juicery after realising that Hong Kong has no suitable healthy detox products available. With their experience as certified health coaches, the brand offers a range of healthy juices, smoothies and raw food. With a selection of fruit, vegetable and superfood based drinks, there are all sorts of healthy ingredients being used in its products.

Genie Juicery, LG1, Great Food Hall, Pacific Place Two, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, 2918 9986

nood food

Fresh Juice nood food smoothie
Instagram @noodfoodofficial

The “healthy-licious” company is a firm believer in the idea that you are what you eat. It sources its ingredients from around the world and uses minimum processing to preserve the nutrients in its products. With a wide range of juices, smoothies and even shots, pack in as many fruits and greens in as you can.

nood food, multiple locations across Hong Kong

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Le Jus

Fresh Juice Le Jus
Instagram @lejus_hk

Making juices that are filled with 100 percent natural goodness, Le Jus offers fast meal options that you can grab and go. Its classic smoothies include a papaya, mango and banana option or try something lighter with the range of cold brew fruit teas. An avocado inspired range will give you nutritious healthy fats that fill you up for longer.

Le Jus, Shop 114, 1/F, Landmark Chater, 6257 0027


Fresh Juice 12noon
Instagram @12noonofficial

Redefining fast food with nutritious and healthy options, 12noon has created a tasty menu of cold pressed juices. Get a freshly squeezed red apple or orange juice or try something more adventures like the power drink with carrot, turmeric, lime and pineapple. It has also created three cleanse packages that range in the juices on offer.

12noon, 181 Queen’s Road, Central, 2890 9849 and Shop 310B, 183 Queens Road East, Wan Chai, 2819 8237


Fresh Juice bless
Instagram @jacqandthecity

Founded on the idea that eating natural foods is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle, bless wants to inspire and innovate the tastes of clean eating. Try one of its signature products, the god pomegranate juice. Other juices include a fuji apple, blackcurrant and blueberry and a strawberry with red mulberry juice.

Bless, multiple locations across Hong Kong

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Cling Juicery

Fresh Juice Cling
Instagram @clinghk

Cling pairs different fruits and ingredients together to provide the optimum nutrients possible. Only ever making its juices right in front of you, you can be sure of the freshness of the product. Some of its signatures include the pear and gold kiwi, orange and grapefruit and a pineapple, dragonfruit and lemon blend. The company is also happy to customise its juices to best suit your taste.

Cling Juicery, Shop 15, 1/G, Manulife Financial Centre, 223 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, 2153 9853 and G1A, G/F Bank of America Tower, Admiralty, 9445 5176

Water Juicery

Fresh Juice Water Juicery
Instagram @waterjuicery

This juice company has a range of juices and cleanses available for delivery straight to your house. Choose between a one to six day cleanse or one of its bundles of juices depending on what health boost you want. Some of its bottles include the apple cooler, green citrus and honey mojito.

Water Juicery, available online

Local fruit shops

Fresh Juice local shop
Photo taken by editor: 142-146 Queens Road Central

Dotted around Hong Kong are local fruit shops with an abundance of fresh and seasonal fruits. Some have an obvious juice menu on the shop front whilst others have a small juicer in the back that you might not see at first. Next time you pass one, make sure to check if the shop can freshly squeeze from the fruits of your choice.


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