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Graham Street debuts a new food hall

Situated in the streets of NoHo, Graham St Food Hall (GSFH) offers Hongkongers an all-day dining venue with food and drinks from around the world. With other successful food halls like BaseHall and J.A.M, appreciation for these multi-vendor food spots is growing amongst locals. Whether it’s a work lunch or a friendly dinner, browse through a selection of options before making your choice.

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The concept was created by the teams behind La Viña and Smoke & Barrels. Teddy Pun, owner and founder of GSFH, comments that “it is a place for our customers to unwind with comfort food from around the world at any time of the day”.

With a total of five vendors, it is open for both dine-in and takeaway from 10 am to 10 pm daily, serving food only made fresh and in-house.

As well as its five food vendors, GSFH has prepared a wide array of drinks to suit any occasion. With coffee, tea or sodas for the daytime quenchers to champagne, beer and a list of 15 American bourbons for the later hours. To best suit the seasons, boozy slushies will be curated and just in time for summer is its frosè and Aperol spritz.

Exclusive to GSFH is Hambāgā that focuses on Japanese-style hamburg steak donburi bowls. Diners get to personalise these bowls by choosing one of five available proteins, one of four sauces and your preferred style of egg. Served with Japanese pearl rice and seasonal veggies, these bowls are filled with goodness to keep you energised for the day.

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Motown Pizza & Wings is Hong Kong’s first in serving Detroit-style pizza and succulent chicken wings. Famous for its square shape and caramelised cheese crust, choose between toppings from pepperoni, pistachio pesto and house sausage. Its wings come in its hot buffalo or Kansas city style barbecue and can be ordered from 8 to 48 pieces.

Graham St Food Hall Motown Pizza & Wings wings

From its founders, try Smoke & Barrels signature plates of in-house smoked meats or La Viña’s basque burnt cheesecake. Other sweet treats can be found from Casa Cacao, the artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate that originates from Spain.

To celebrate its opening, head to the Graham street launch party on May 22 for a day of specials and challenges with prizes up for grabs.

Graham St Food Hall, Shop 3, 23 Graham Street, Central, 9612 0988


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